Apple Macbook Pro A1226 2007 Logic Board C2D 2.2Ghz 820-2101-A FAULTY SPARES

  • £14.99 GBP


Untested/Faulty logic board this board is untested system pulled from a recycled Macbook Pro 2007/2008. This board is untested so may or may not function, these particular boards are however prone to graphic issues. No refunds will be given as the item is being sold as faulty as no testing has been done.. 

Apple Part No. 661 -4340
Foxconn P/n. 820 -2101 -A 
Model: C2D 2.2gHz 
System Pulled Serial: 
SKU: P8R-AP00000204

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON SPARES OR REPAIRS ITEMS. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT THIS FAULTY ITEM WILL WORK AS IT IS BEING SOLDS AS UNTESTED AND PRESUMED TO BE FAULTY. (If this logic board does work correctly then it is a bonus to the person buying. However sold as spares/repair for parts only, small components like Intel chips and Apple resistors/diodes/voltage regulators are very useful to repair centres and electronic engineers).

If unsure if this part is compatible with your system please check original serial number above to see if your system matches the system the card was pulled from if unsure please contact us directly. All parts are security etched DO NOT use our parts for testing purposes as refunds will not be given.

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