Hand Drawn Family/Personal/Pet/Self Portrait Large A2 by Famous UK Artist ASHER

  • £135.00 GBP


UK Artist Asher will draw your portrait from a photo sent in. Large A2 sized hand drawn artwork. (or go even larger to A0 if you prefer).
Asher is a renowned artist from Birmingham in the West Midlands and his work is sought after throughout the UK and beyond. 

Artwork lasts for many many years can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. A large masterpiece that can be displayed at home or given to a family member as a present.

Drawing will usually take between 3-7 days to complete, depending on the image supplied, may take longer due to other work under commission. You will be advised after purchase expected completion date (These are not quick sketches, this is a full artwork in Black and White (always a real classic result) or Colour if preferred. Unique, a one off personal to you and yours alone.

Ever lasting joy, bring a loved one that's passed away back into your life, hang them in a special place. Or an old blurry black and white family photo of grand parents, brought into high definition and given a new lease of life.

Asher specialises in family portraits, and pictures of people, pets and even your home if you prefer. Unique work can be undertaken, like two photos merged together, or place your picture on a new landscape, like the beach or a sunset. Whatever your heart desires, ask and Asher will make your dream picture come to life. 

Just send your photo to address provided after checkout and see your image come to life as no-one else can do. Artwork will be signed by Asher and will be an original piece of artwork which will be priceless. 

Artwork can be framed with a choice of frames and colours if collecting the artwork. Due to the time involved in the creation of the piece refunds cannot be given. However if the portrait for any reason is not to your liking just let the artist know he is here to please. No customer ever goes away unhappy with the artwork it is special take a look at some of the work in the images. Whether ordered online or commissioned at the Birmingham High Street Studio.

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