Mazda RX8 231BHP 55 Plate Red w/ Red/Black Leather Seats Ltd Edition 19" Alloys

  • £600.00 GBP

For spares/repair. An awful shame i love this car. Only selling because i have 2 others and do not have the time to get it looked at or the time to drive it anymore.
It was driving lovely, started first time every time, had a new battery, tight clutch, makes a roar like a lion and even gives little flames out sports exhaust at high revs. Really nice to drive. Sraight through sports exhaust which makes a lovely sound when winding down those country lanes. Not so nice for the neighbours early in a morning :)
Has only 68,000 approx on the clock. It was driving really smooth, really nice taking my son to football before christmas and a coil pack went. Had whole new set of NGK spark plugs put on and a coil pack. Because it misfired. 
The coil pack went on the rear rotary engine, but after replacing the timing seems to be out on the front rotary engine. The spark is not igniting the fuel so it is dumping fuel down the exhaust and blowing white smoke. This maybe down to the coil pack knocking the timing out on the rotary engine. It was remapped when it had the sports exhaust and may have been reset by AA when they got initial call-out.
Definitely only something electric as car drove beautifully, i have had one of these before (same colour) and that was slowly getting low compression and losing some of it's oomph about 90,000 miles but this car drove mint,  ample power and drove like my first RX8 did when it was new. Mazda dealer or someone who can do engine remapping or electronic timing will probably fix this in 10 minutes. It starts but misses as only one rotary engine is firing fuel, so blows white smoke (petrol from front rotary engine). Will need to be lifted and towed
This car has had some money spent on it.

  • Lowered sports suspension by about 4 inches
  • 19" limited edition centenary sports alloys
  • Full straight through sports exhaust that gives it a little extra
  • New battery
  • Chrome petrol cap
  • Bose stereo with amp and 12 speakers
  • 6 CD Changer
  • Red/Black two tone leather interior
  • 231BHP 6 speed boxå
  • Xenon Headlamps
  • Clutch is tight like new
  • New tyres
  • Sports Coil Leads
  • New Coil Pack
  • New NGK Spark Plugs
  • New Battery


Worth every penny i paid £11,000 for my first Red one in 2006 which started getting low compression. This one has none of those symptoms just a silly coil pack has knocked timing or mapping out. Garages do not like the rotary engine. Spoke to an experienced mechanic who said it is probably the remapping from the sports exhaust which has been reset. Or ECU timing. Started perfect drove 3 miles perfect then coil popped on rear rotary engine and changed that and plugs and although coils and plugs spark fine the spark is not igniting fuel on the other engine (not the one the coil pack failed on). If i had more time on my hands and my wife didn't want her spot on the drive back i would surely keep it.

NO SILLY OFFERS I AM GIVING THIS TOOL AWAY AT THE PRICE!!! And it IS a tool. Flames out the exhausts and faster than my first RX8 i got from showroom in 2006 this one kicks

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