Sumvision Sonic Wave Hybrid PC Gaming LED Backlit Computer Keyboard Wired USB (Music Sound Wave Function)

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RGB colours The Sonic Wave features a RGB colour LED lights that provide a rainbow colour display that flows horizontally across your keyboard, giving you a beautiful and smooth display of colours. Hybrid keys The Sonic Wave keyboard utilises hybrid keys that not only help replicate the satisfying typing experience from mechanical switches but are also suitable for heavy duty typing or gaming. 9 unique LED modes The Sonic Wave hybrid music LED gaming keyboard has up to 9 different LED modes; including Music equaliser mode, custom LED mode, echo typing mode and many more! Light up your keyboard in many different ways to suit your personal needs. 19 key anti-ghost keys The Sonic Wave has 19 anti-ghost keys to help gamers provide overwhelming destructive capabilities against your opponents by ensuring that your commands are executed perfectly. Music equaliser mode An inbuilt mic will detect audio around you and allow the LED lights to pulsate to the sound of your music or game! Choose between three different colours (Red, Green, Blue) or random multi-colour. Integrated palm rest The Sonic Wave is designed with an integrated palm rest to help support and protect your wrist during heavy gaming or typing sessions.Compatible with the following Office Supplies Printer:

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  • EXPERT REVIEWS & PC ADVISOR BEST GAMING KEYBOARD - PC Advisor Best Gaming Keyboard 2016/2017 Expert Reviews Best Gaming Keyboard 2017 -
  • MUSIC EQUALISER LED AND 9 LED MODES - The Sumvision Sonic Wave comes with the unique feature of having LED lights that pulsate to the sound of your music or games. The audio is detected via a built in microphone which is then transferred into a rhythm that is then played out via the lights on the keyboard. Choose from one of 9 LED modes to help customize the Sonic Wave to your preference. Have the lights dance to music or echo with every key stroke.
  • RGB COLOURS - The use of RGB colour LED lights provides a rainbow of colours that can flow seamlessly across your keyboard. This can result in a beautiful array of colours making long sessions at the PC more entertaining
  • ANTI GHOSTING - With 19 Anti Ghosting Keys you can be sure all your keystrokes are registered. Don't worry about hitting 2 keys at the same time during crucial moments. With Anti Ghosting the key stroke will register every single time regardless if you strike the key next to the intended key.
  • INTERGRATED PALM REST - The Sonic Wave incorporates a palm rest support to help ease the pressure on the wrists during long gaming sessions. By resting the wrist on the palm rest you can relieve the pressure that builds up by keeping yours hands in the same position. This will mean you can game for longer in comfort

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