DEALM4KERS Finger Fidget Hand Spinner 5-Arm Fast Ball Bearing Kids Toy Craze WHITE

  • £1.50 GBP

All the rave! Quality made fidget spinner available in 3 patterns/colours, this 5-legged fidget spinner with sealed 'O' ring on each of the three legs be the envy of all your friends as it spins the weighted spinner continues to spin and spin with the slightest flick of the wrist. Quality finger spinner in retail box.
Why not check out our full range of spinners like this one the 3-Bar Blood Leopard, Army Camouflage and African Leopard. Children, Teenagers and Adults alike can't put them down. A smooth and silent spin.
Solid design, when you start fidgeting you will not stop.
Also available in Plain Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and White, and amazing collectors limited editions from Pred8tor such as Batman, Crab-Claw , Captain America Shield and much more.

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