4+1 USB Worldwide Charger 40W(2.4A*2+1.0A*2+Micro USB) with

  • £13.99 GBP

Up to 4 USB slots Connect up to 4 different USB devices with this 4 in 1 USB charger hub comes with 2 x 2.5A and 2 x 1A slots. Charge a large variety of USB devices from Tablets and phones to portable speakers and headphones. Equiped for world wide travelling. The Sumvision 4+1 USB charger comes with 4 different plug heads; UK, US,Australia/China and European. This gives the 4+1 charger a ideal usage for going abroad on holiday if you're planning to carry many electronic items with you. One Micro USB charger cable The charger also comes with a micro USB cable used to charge electronics devices such as tablets, mobile phones or any other device that uses micro USB.

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