Toshiba Solid State Drive Apple 655-1653C SSD 256GB 2.5" Internal iMac/Macbook

  • £37.50 GBP

Apple 256GB SSD Solid State Drive 655-1653C Macbook/iMac 2.5" SATA Internal genuine Apple certified SSD for Macbook Pro's and iMacs that can take 2.5 inch Serial-ATA, with bracket attached for easy installation into iMacs that already have the fittings behind the DVD Optical drive like the A1311/A1312 (2009-2011) iMac Systems. This is the genuine part used by Apple and therefore stress tested and reliable. Clean pull from working Apple computer tested prior to shipping by our in-house technicians. Please be Aware: If you change your drive for non-genuine Apple components, Apple will refuse to service it, and will blacklist the Macbook serial number. Manufactured by Toshiba p/n: THNSNC256GBSJ PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR MACBOOK! This is Macbook specific for the Macbook Pro A1286/A1278/A1297/A1342 and iMacs A1418, A1419, A1311, A1312, A1224, A1225 REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOR INCORRECT PURCHASES. (If unsure ask seller for compatibility details). If you need any OSX pre-installed please ask seller for details (minimal charge applies)

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