Twin Pack (100 DVDs) DVD-R 8X TRAXDATA FF White Full Face Inkjet Printable Blank

  • £24.50 GBP

  • Type :DVD-R
  • Speed : 8X
  • Capacity: 4.7G
  • Disc Surface: White Inkjet Printable
  • Dye Type :Ritek

Quality Recordable Traxdata Ritek DVD Writeable discs ideal for burning photos, music, data files and DVD Videos. Full face white surfaced discs, print titles, images, designs and even photo's on the disc surface using any inkjet printer that has disc printing ability. Best-selling CDR discs minimum burn failure and ideal discs for multi copy disc burners.

Traxdata DVD-R is a high quality full face printable blank DVD Disc. Traxdata can handle a write speed of 8x and store up to 4.7GB of data, .In Plastic Retail Spindles of 50 discs (Twin Pack 100 Discs). The white full face printable surface allows you to print right up to the centre hole using an inkjet disc printer such as the Epson R265 or R300. The Traxdata DVDR white full face printable discs surface allows you to print right up to the centre hub of the disc, producing extremely professional results. 

  • Quantity per pack: 50 Discs
  • Total Quantity: 2x 50 Packs = 100 DVDs

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