Twin Pack Traxdata CD-R 80min Full Face Inkjet Printable Blank Discs Ritek 52X W

  • £19.99 GBP

Twin Pack (2x50) High Quality Traxdata Shrink Wrapped Spindles of 50 Blank Discs (100 CDs). With Ritek Ink Recordable Surface for minimal burn failure.
White Top Full Face Surface which is Inkjet printable, top selling recordable CD's ideal for Music, Photos and Backup Data

  • Capacity: 700MB
  • Write Speed: 52x
  • Top Surface: White Full Face Inkjet Printable
  • Ink Surface: Ritek
  • Quantity: 100 Discs
  • Type: CD-R
  • Approx Music Time: 80 minutes
  • Single Shrink Wrapped Spindle

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